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The Security Program

I am fascinated that so many organizations that pay so much attention to best business practices, are diligent in their accounting, and manage their productive assets efficiently in the context of producing revenues or fulfilling the organization’s mission nonetheless give very little regard to the same level of professionalism in their security organization. Security is not a commodity. It is a value.
Much like accounting, it shares two attributes in support of the organization’s mission.
Security and accounting both serve to support the organization’s ability to comply with codes and regulations, and they both minimize losses in the organization.
However, accounting departments are historically much better equipped to account for their successes.
Security managers and directors historically come from a law enforcement background where the emphasis is on crime reaction, not crime prevention, and where there is little focus on cost/benefit calculations. This has not served security management well in its ability to obtain required resources, and it has not served the organizations well in that required resources are seldom forthcoming until after a serious event that could easily have been prevented. Security, like any other business program, should be built on a sound and documentable financial basis.

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