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Air Purifier

Air Purifier Aircare (4 Filters)

  • AUD $44000
  • Save AUD $220

Clean your environment, breathe clean & purified Air

  • Slim, compact modern design
  • Coloured indicator light reflects air quality level
  • LED screen provides simple operation and control
  • Sensor detects abnormal odours and volatile pollutants
  • Effective bank of four filters guarantees maximum purification of air
  • Aircare purifies the air by removing odours, allergies and bacteria

  • Office 

    Removal of ongoing poor air quality amongst employees in office spaces. Helps with the effects of air conditioning, which may cause symptoms which can affect physical health, mental well-being, concentration and therefore impact on work productivity and efficiency.
    Aircare provides clean air, clean mind.

    Infants & Children

    Environmental factors may impact on the developing immune system. Reducing the impact of air pollution, Aircare may remove the threat of disease and illness.
    Aircare provides a safe clean air quality thus enhancing positive growth and development.

    Elderly Citizens

    As the body ages, there is a decline in the efficiency of the immune system, which in turn may cause an increase in life-threatening illness - such as cardiovascular disease,
    stroke, pneumonia and other infectious conditions that can be transferred by air.
    Aircare reduces exposure to pollutants and airborne bacteria.

    Sensitive Environment

    Long exposure to an air conditioned environment and poor air circulation, may cause respiratory symptoms, dizziness, tinnitus buzzing, allergies, memory loss and assorted skin allergies.
    Aircare purifies the air, eliminating the day to day air pollutants and making it easier to breathe. Ideal for asthma allergy sufferers.


    First in the world with 4 Cleaning FILTERS

    2 Years Warranty

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