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Floor Standing Double Duct 2017 Old Model

  • AUD $2,70000
  • Save AUD $300


Innovative Air Conditioner without Outdoor Unit and No drainage system has been designed specifically for apartment living and heritage buildings where space is at a premium and where building facade aesthetics are an important consideration.

The system requires no external condenser yet is efficient and whisper quiet, making it ideal for apartment living.

The installation of these systems is designed to be as simple as hanging the unit off a wall or setting it up on pedestals. The system can be plugged into a 10 amp power point and turned on ready for use.

  • Floor standing or wall mounted models available
  • Inverter DC efficient heat pump air conditioning
  • No ugly outdoor unit, no room taken up on balcony
  • Apartments, homes and offices where outdoor space is limited.
  • Can be installed and wired from the inside in both single and high-rise apartment blocks
  • Italian technology designed for use in Australia for Australian conditions
  • Multi-function concealed remote control, heat, cooling, timer & fan
  • Condensate vaporizing function - no need to install a drainage pipe
  • Only two holes and grilles can be seen on the external surface
  • Installation costs are kept to a minimum, easy do it yourself
  • From the external facade all you will see is two 162mm round grilles.
  • Console comes in two colour combinations: Black/Silver and White/Silveroutput via 3 speed fan


A single unit that would respect the architecture of buildings, efficient and able to condition rooms in a different way, we can guarantee COMFORT, EFFICIENCY and a high aesthetic level with the benefit to solving problems that before didn't have a solution.
Skyrise apartment, skyscrapers, heritage building and more and more and more.

We've built this system to cover many different applications and we even have equipped one of our Airtemp no Outdoor Inverter system with castors; we re-invented the room-to-room portable system, reinvented space, fitted it with a leash, filled it with meaning. This gave life to the first portable unit that is truly portable.

We serve Australia, New Zeland, Papua new Guinea and beyond. 
Builders, organisations and small owners do not hesitate to contact us.

Note: Hanging Wall version is without Pedestal

Double Duct No Outdoor



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