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Aeotec Ness Z-Wave Water Sensor

Aeotec Ness Z-Wave Water Sensor

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Water isn't just the building block of life, it’s the building block of an expensive bill when accidents happen. Capable of both detecting leaks and floods and when the level of water gets too low in a pool or tank, Water Sensor can work with your Z-Wave network to prevent emergencies such as burst water boilers to leaking air conditioners. With Z-wave, the scope to save money is endless.

Part Number : 106-244

water sensor

Flood detector.
Water Sensor is able to detect the accidental presence of water, from small leaks to large floods, making it the perfect emergency accessory for your Z-Wave network.
water tank sensor
Absence of water.
Water Sensor can also detect the absence of water, meaning it’s the perfect accessory for managing when water must be present for the likes of fish tanks and water tanks.
accurate sensor
Water Sensor is accurate, super accurate. It can detect the presence or absence of as little as 0.03% of an inch of water. That’s less than a millimetre.
z-wave sensor
Z-Wave inside.
Each Water Sensor is powered by the same technology and intelligence that binds all of Aeotec’s products: Z-Wave.

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