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About Us

Our Mission 

“Wisdom teaches us that it is not possible to live happily unless one also lives wisely, and honestly, and justly; and that one cannot live wisely and honestly and justly without also living happily.
For these virtues are by nature bound up together with the happy life, and the happy life is inseparable from these virtues.”


iDomus believe that using technology is the only way to enhance our life. The mix of good practising & innovation helps us to protect our world, our elders & children. So we are always “Thinking to sell & present” to the public attention all those solutions that give a significant meaning to our lives. Live in a better environment, in our homes or businesses, take care of our inner & mental health, save time for us and our loved ones, spending quality time. No waste or losses anymore. To do that we are following our mission which imply to continuous learning.

What we do

Engineering applications, selling, installing & repair electronic devices

Communicate with our readers "Valet Smart Homes Blog (news) wants to collate and divulge all articles related to innovations, wearables, home automation. IoT, smart homes (WiFi, Z-Wave, ZigBee, and more). True to our philosophy of continuous learning we continue to research and update our knowledge and share this with our readers. As advocates of this growing sector, we publish a range of selected articles that provide expert knowledge. Beyond this, the big picture and direction of these new technologies also forms part of informing our readers on the latest technological news available in Australia and abroad. 

We maintain our spirit as a cutting edge business, often publishing articles, considerations, ideas and applications that are not yet available on the market but are coming or can be implemented in the near future."


in Melbourne.

But we are not only selling systems to clean, secure & monitor your location, we are doing much more, we are introducing all those innovations that can help to enhance the life of every-one.

  • Centralised Cleaning systems to reduce allergens & dirt. Dust, dirt & asthma free
  • Monitoring systems, Intercoms, video-doorbells & CCTV systems to secure your location from burglaries or not welcomed visitors
  • Alarm Systems that scare away thieves


  • Smart Solutions that can, already, bring your home into the future today. Solutions that are meant to help you to monitor your home, save energy, automate annoying tasks, prevent disasters, save lives & send alerts.
  • Smart Personal Solutions which will be more and more present in the near future. Monitoring your children & elders, find them, bring them home etc. Or just to check on them discretely. Solution that can care for you and your loved ones. The so called Do It For Me Smart Solutions are adaptive to the needs of each component of our society, for sportive people, for young, for leisure time or for health purposes


Valet, iCentral & Ness Corporation Dealers

We cover Melbourne’s Northern and Western suburbs.
We sell online but we also have a store in Tullamarine for your convenience and service. 

We install, retro-fit, service, repair and update ducted and central vacuum systems, audio/video intercoms, alarms and CCTV Systems.

Our team comprises a mix of innovation and expertise.  Our technicians have more than 30 years experience in the automation field. 

Our customers are at the centre of our vision. We care about you, we are here to meet your needs.

If you need to update or repair your old systems or you need a quote, ask us, don’t hesitate. 

Healthy & Clean Valet Central Vacuum System Video, thanks to channel 10  

Our contact details:


7 Mohr Street, 

Tullamarine, 3043, Victoria, Australia

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Giuseppe Sergio

Ph: (03) 9041 6240

Mob: 0426 549 785


Business hours:

Monday:          09:00–17:00
Tuesday:         09:00–17:00
Wednesday:    09:00–17:00
Thursday:        09:00–17:00
Friday:             09:00–17:00
Saturday:        10:00–14:00
Sunday:           Closed


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