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NESS R16 Wireless Alarm KIT inc RADIO PIRs & RADIO KEYS

NESS R16 Wireless Alarm KIT inc RADIO PIRs & RADIO KEYS

  • AUD $56500

Ness R16 Wireless home alarm Kit is your alarm system to ensure your protection against intrusion.


Kit Composition:

1 x Ness R16 Radio control panel
2 x LUX radio PIRs including brackets
2 x RK4 Radio keys
1 x Plastic Siren Cover & Kit bag
1 x Horn Speaker
1 x Top Hat Screamer
1 x Strobe

    User’s Manual, Installer’s Manual, Warranty Card

    PART NUMBER 106-034

    NESS Corporation has created the R16 panel to provide the highest level of security to you, your family and your valued possessions in an easy to install all-in-one wireless unit.  

    Wireless Operation

    Operation could not be simpler. You have complete control with the waterproof radio keys that provide the user with separate on and off buttons for fast arming/disarming, a panic button in case of an emergency, and an auxiliary button for automation control.
    Ness R16X III is fully compatible and supports up to 16 Ness radio devices such as PIRs, keypad, reed switches, sirens, smoke detector, panic buttons.  


    All in one System

    Ness R16X incorporates all that is essential in a powerful security system into a single unit. The built-in keypad provides for the installer access to the R16X program options at the unit as well as fast arming/disarming, fire, medical and police panic response, memory event review and multiple zone control for the user. Its 118dB siren is loud enough to deter any intruder. 
    Ness R16X’s built-in dialer can alert you 24/7 if you have subscribed to a monitoring contract. On return home, the units LCD display will make you aware of any events or system requirements e.g. intrusion or a low battery from a device. 
    R16X’s backup battery keeps your system operating should external power fail for any reason providing you the peace of mind you deserve.


    Visual alerts

    Ness R16X reports visually all events to the user via its large, bright LCD display. 


    Optional Features

    Ness R16X can be connected to a wireless digital communicator which uses the GSM mobile network and is completely independent of landlines.
    Doorbell feature with selectable tunes could be used with the Ness radio Doorbell transmitter.
    Increase the degree of protection of your home by additional Ness radio devices.


    R16 Brochure 

    R16 User Manual